How to Bypass GPTZero’s AI Detector

Want to fool AI detectors? When looking to Bypass GPTZero AI detection, businesses and individuals alike can turn to powerful AI humanization systems.

As the generative artificial intelligence (AI) market continues to surge – forecasted to reach over $200 billion by 2030 – individuals and enterprises are increasingly employing tools like ChatGPT. Able to rapidly generate text, collate research, and develop long-form content, ChatGPT has become a go-to AI tool across the globe.

AI detection tools like GPTZero, TraceGPT, and Smodin aim to put a stop to that by flagging AI content. Whether you’re a student turning in an AI-generated paper or a business that needs to ensure its content sails past Google’s spam filters, overcoming these tools is essential.

In this article, we’ll explore why individuals may want to avoid AI-generated flagging, outline how to bypass GPTZero AI detection, and show an example of getting around AI detection tools in action.

Let’s dive right in. 

Why Should I Avoid AI Detection?

Businesses and individuals could face severe consequences if their writing is flagged as AI-generated. Not only are AI tools seen as less reputable and prone to hallucinations, but recent controversy about their usage of public data has cast a shadow over the technology. 

There are several reasons that you may want to avoid AI detection:

  • Google’s Spam Update – Google’s most recent update aims to remove spam content from the web. As a result, it’s cracking down on AI-generated content, using its own AI detection tools to flag and penalize content that appears to be AI-generated.
  • AI writing engagement – AI writing is still years away from meeting human styles. Organizations that publish AI content may find that their customers don’t engage with the predictable, unvaried style.
  • Originality – Whether you want to appear original to bypass AI detection for plagiarism reasons or simply want to rapidly generate content for your business, standard AI writing doesn’t offer any originality.

Especially considering tools like GPTZero can produce false negatives, it’s always best to understand what could be causing these results and the main strategies to bypass them.

How to Bypass GPTZero AI Detection with AI Humanization Tools

One of the leading strategies to bypass GPTZero AI detection and create content that passes as human-written is to use tools like Phrasly.AI. While there are strategies that you can employ to bypass AI detection – like adding personal touches and varying content vocabulary – this pales in comparison to using an AI tool to rewrite your text.

Understanding the main factors that trigger AI detection, an AI humanization tool is able to rephrase, restructure, and alter textual choices in order to create content that seems human. Simply by pasting your AI-generated content into Phrasly.AI, you’re able to instantly create text content that will bypass GPTZero.

Let’s break down exactly how you can bypass AI detection, step by step.

Step 1: Generate Your Text Using an AI Tool

First of all, you need to generate some text. Enter your prompt into ChatGPT (or a similar generative AI tool like Gemini) and wait for the platform to produce your writing.

At this stage, you’ll likely notice a few common red flags of AI yourself. From strange word choices to repetitive writing structures, generative AI tools aren’t yet advanced enough to create effective writing.

Once you’ve got your piece of writing, copy and paste it into another document or simply use CTRL-C (CMD-C on Mac). 

Typical ChatGPT writing prompt and response, generating an essay about the USA. 

Step 2: Use GPTZero AI Detection to Check for Red Flags

Paste your content into GPTZero or another AI detection tool, and then hit “Check for AI.” Depending on the specific tool you’re using, this process could take up to around a minute.

When checking for AI-written content, platforms like GPTZero will look for typical markers of AI writing. The results of this test will highlight any sentences that are likely to be produced by AI in red or yellow. From the image below, you can see that the original text we produced in Step 1 is 100% likely to be written by AI, according to GPTZero.

It’s time to change that.

Step 3: Humanize your AI-Generated-Content with Phrasly.AI

Now that you’re certain your original content won’t get past any AI detectors, it’s time to humanize your content.

Phrasly.AI uses three distinct tiers of content rewriting:

  • Easy – An effective choice for low-level rewriting, producing easy-to-understand content that would work well in blogs and other marketing materials. 
  • Medium – A great choice when you need to strike a balance between human-like writing and top-notch quality. 
  • Aggressive – Aggressive offers the most extensive rewriting, focusing on adding human touches to the content, removing AI red flags, and altering the general structure of the piece.

Depending on the extent to which you need to rewrite your text, you can select the tier that aligns closely with your needs. Considering our original writing came in at 100% AI-detected, we selected the Aggressive option. 

The image below demonstrates how our AI content humanization process works. After pasting in your content (either from a separate document or with CTRL- or CMD-V), you can hit “Humanize.” 

The left-hand screen is the original ChatGPT writing, while the content on the right shows Phrasly.AI’s output.

Step 4: Recheck Your Humanized AI Content with an AI Detector

Copy and paste your new, humanized AI content into GPTZero or another AI detection tool. After the humanization process, your content should now have a low or zero percent AI score.

In the image below, you can see that after taking the rewritten content from Phrasly.AI, we were able to achieve a score of only 3% likelihood of being AI-generated. This figure is low enough to fool the AI detector into being highly confident that the content was written by a human.

The brilliance of AI humanization tools is that they can work on any type of content that you produce. Whether you’re looking to bypass GPTZero for blog content, email copy, or something else entirely, you can count on Phrasly.AI.

Final Thoughts on Bypassing GPTZero AI Detection

As businesses and individuals continue to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, more people than ever before will need effective strategies to bypass AI detectors. 

While you can manually rewrite content to make it seem less AI-generated, this is time consuming and doesn’t always offer great results.

We recommend you create a free account with Phrasly.AI. You can get started today with our AI humanization tool, allowing you to rapidly and effortlessly bypass GPTZero.

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