Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors

Discover the top 8 Originality AI alternatives. Must-try solutions for accurate AI content detection and humanization. Elevate your content now.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, figuring out if a person or a clever AI wrote the content is becoming a big deal. Think about it: Even big names like Google and schools are sitting up and taking notice. They’re all asking the same question: How do we keep the human touch alive in reading and writing online? Enter Originality AI, a super smart tool that could spot AI-written stuff from a mile away. But, let’s be honest, it’s a bit pricey and doesn’t let you check as many words as you might like.

So, what do you do if you’re searching for something that won’t empty your wallet and lets you check tons of words? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the inside scoop on the top 8 alternatives to Originality AI that are making waves. 

Editor’s Choice: Phrasly AI Detector is one of my favorite tools. The best thing about this tool is that it detects unlimited words. There are no word limits, the price is reasonable, and the results are 99% accurate.

Further in the list I’ve got other cool tools like UncovAI and GPTKit AI, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re writing your heart out, keeping your school work in check, or making sure your content is as original as yours, these tools have your back. 

So, let’s jump in and see which one might become your new best friend in keeping it real online.

8 Best Originality.AI Alternatives & Competitors (Free/Paid)

Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors - Must Try
  1. Phrasly AI Detector – Unlimited Words Checking
  2. UncovAI
  3. GPTKit AI
  4. Copyleacks AI Detector 
  5. Writer AI Detector
  6. Content Detector AI
  7. Undetectable AI
  8. Content at Scale AI Detector

Here’s a general comparison table of Originality.AI alternatives & competitors that focuses on the key features, availability, and pricing of each AI content detection and humanization tool:

Feature/ToolAvailabilityKey FeaturesPricing
Free up to 5,000 words, extensive word limit, integrated within the Writer appOnlineUnlimited checks, user-friendly, fast results, 99% high accuracyFlexible subscription
UncovAIEco-friendly, high-efficiency, lightweight solutionFree up to 5,000 words, extensive word limit, integrated within the Writer appCustom
GPTKitOnlineFree tier, supports file uploads, multi-model detection, API accessFree & Paid plans
CopyLeaks AI Content DetectorOnlineOver 99% accuracy, multi-language support, comprehensive suiteTransparent and flexible
Writer AI DetectorOnline, AppFree up to 5,000 words, extensive word limit, integrated within Writer appFree & Paid plans
Content Detector AIOnlineHigh accuracy (up to 85%), unlimited checks, easy to use, completely freeFree
Undetectable AIOnlineHigh accuracy (98%), rewrites AI to human-like, personalization to user’s voice, unlimited scans$49/month

1. Phrasly AI Detector 

Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors - Must Try

Phrasly AI Detector is at the forefront of AI detection technology and is designed specifically for those looking to distinguish precisely between human and AI-generated content. It offers an indispensable tool for educators, students, and content managers in an era when AI-generated text is increasingly pervasive. 

By leveraging advanced algorithms, Phrasly accurately identifies AI-crafted material, providing users with the confidence to uphold the integrity of human-generated content. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and efficiency, offering a streamlined experience without sacrificing depth or effectiveness. 

With Phrasly, users gain a reliable partner in maintaining the authenticity of their written work, ensuring it remains true to the human touch.

Pros and Cons

Bypasses AI detectorsLimited free trial
Multi-lingual supportMay encourage misuse
Comprehensive tools
Instant refund guarantee
Powerful grammar checker

Pricing and Features

Phrasly AI Detector offers a straightforward pricing model catering to casual and power users. The free trial gives you a taste of its capabilities, including 550 humanized words. For those needing more, the Unlimited plan, at $10.99/month billed annually, provides endless possibilities with unlimited words, 100% AI detection bypass, and access to beta tools.


  1. AI Detector & Humanizer: Easily humanize AI-generated content to bypass strict AI detectors.
  2. Grammar Checker: Enhances your content by fixing grammar mistakes for free.
  3. Content Summarizer: Quickly summarizes content for easy understanding.
  4. Multi-Lingual Support: Create content in English, Spanish, French, and more.
  5. Co-Writer: Helps eliminate writer’s block with AI-generated content ideas.

Phrasly AI Detector equips users with a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, checking, and ensuring the authenticity of their content. It’s an all-in-one solution for maintaining originality in a world increasingly dominated by AI.

2. UncovAI 

UncovAI offers a groundbreaking approach to detecting generative AI (GenAI) content, setting itself apart with its focus on efficiency and eco-friendliness. This tool is a must-have for identifying AI-generated texts and images without the environmental toll. 

Pros and Cons

Eco-friendlyNo deep learning is required
High efficiencyLimited to Chrome & Firefox
Partners with Microsoft
No deep learning required
Lightweight solution

Pricing and Features

UncovAI keeps its pricing structure under wraps, encouraging potential users to contact it directly for more information. This approach allows them to tailor their offerings to individual needs, ensuring you get precisely what you need without overspending.


  1. GenAI Text Detection: Quickly identifies text generated by AI, maintaining the authenticity of the content.
  2. GenAI Image Detection: Distinguishes between images created by humans and those generated by AI models.
  3. Browser Extensions: Enhance your web browsing with easy-to-install extensions for Chrome and Firefox, designed to detect GenAI content seamlessly.
  4. Ecological Method: Utilizes a unique, eco-friendly approach that avoids traditional deep learning models’ computational and electrical demands.
  5. Partnerships: Boasts strong partnerships with entities like Microsoft for Startups, France IA Hub, and Plug and Play, showcasing its credibility and commitment to innovation.

UncovAI stands out not just for its technological prowess but also for its dedication to sustainability. It’s an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users who don’t want to compromise on quality or efficiency in their quest to identify AI-generated content.

3. GPTKit AI

Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors - Must Try

GPTKit leaps onto the scene as a robust tool aimed at demystifying the origin of texts in the digital age. This free AI text generation detection service is a boon for those struggling to differentiate between the nuances of human-written prose and the sophisticated outputs generated by models like ChatGPT. GPTKit’s multi-model approach, incorporating six distinct detection methods, promises an impressive accuracy rate of up to 93%. 

Pros and Cons

Free tier availableLimited free requests
High accuracy (up to 93%)Requires registration for more
Multi-model detection approachCharacter limit without registration
Supports file uploads
API access for advanced use

Pricing and Features

GPTKit’s pricing accommodates a wide range of users, from individuals to large institutions. The free plan caters well to casual or occasional users, while paid subscriptions offer much more, including unlimited credits, faster processing speeds, and increased team member allowances.

  1. Free Plan: Up to 2048 characters per request and up to 5 requests per minute.
  2. Unlimited Personal ($5/month): Unlimited credits, faster processing, up to 2 team members, and up to 10,240 characters per request.
  3. Unlimited Team ($10/month): This plan builds on the personal plan and allows up to 8 team members and up to 30,720 characters per request.
  4. Unlimited Institution ($20/month): This is the most robust option, featuring the fastest processing speeds, up to 20 team members, 25 requests per minute, and a whopping 153,600 characters per request, plus API access.

GPTKit is a significant ally in the quest for content authenticity, providing a scalable solution for users ranging from individual enthusiasts to professional teams and educational institutions. Its mix of high accuracy, a generous free tier, and scalable paid options ensures that it meets a wide array of needs in the ongoing challenge of distinguishing between human and AI-generated texts.

4. Copyleacks AI Detector 

Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors - Must Try

Copyleaks AI Content Detector is an exceptionally accurate tool for discerning AI-generated content. It has gained trust across leading organizations and institutions for its precision, which is supported by third-party studies. This solution is renowned not just for detecting AI-written text but also for its integration with an award-winning plagiarism detector, Codeleaks Source Code Detector, and a newly introduced Writing Assistant, making it a comprehensive suite for ensuring the originality and error-free quality of content.

Pros and Cons

Over 99% accuracyRequires subscription for full access
Low false positive rate (0.2%)
Full model coverage including ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude
Multi-language support
Comprehensive suite with plagiarism and code detection


  • AI Model Coverage: Unmatched detection capabilities across all significant AI models and proactive adjustments for new ones.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Boasts over 99% accuracy with a minimal false positive rate, ensuring reliability.
  • Plagiarism and Paraphrase Detection: The only platform to confidently detect AI-generated, plagiarized, or paraphrased content.
  • Source Code Detection: Unique in identifying AI-generated source code with alerts for code licensing.
  • Language Support: Extensive detection capabilities across many languages, ensuring broad applicability.
  • Security: Adheres to the highest security standards, including military-grade security and GDPR compliance.

Plans & Pricing

  • AI + Plagiarism Detection: $13.99/mo for up to 1,200 credits, offering detection in over 30 languages and multiple forms of paraphrasing detection.
  • Plagiarism Detector: $8.99/mo for the same credit allowance, with unique capabilities in source code plagiarism detection across various programming languages.
  • AI Content Detector: $7.99/mo also for 1,200 credits, focusing on detecting the most popular AI models with exceptional accuracy.

Copyleaks sets a high standard for AI content detection with its advanced features, extensive language support, and a strong focus on accuracy and security. Whether for academic integrity, publishing, or ensuring AI model training is based on human-written content, Copyleaks provides a robust, reliable solution.

5. Writer AI Detector

Writer AI Detector offers a straightforward yet powerful solution for discerning the authenticity of text content. With a generous free tier allowing checks of up to 5,000 words, it stands out for users looking to scrutinize larger documents or articles for AI-generated content before publication. 

Pros and Cons

Free checks up to 5,000 wordsAPI access might require technical knowledge
Integrated within the Writer appLimited to app users
Extensive word limit for free use
In-depth detection score
Multiple integration options


  1. AI Content Detection: Free detection for up to 5,000 words, providing users with a detection score to gauge content authenticity.
  2. Integration Options: Extends functionality through Writer for Chrome and Figma, among others.
  3. Graph-based RAG: Leverages a Generative AI platform for enhanced content creation and analysis.
  4. Governance Tools: This section includes style guides, terms, and snippets to maintain consistency and adherence to rules across content.

Plans & Pricing

  • Team ($18 per user/month): This plan is tailored for individuals and small teams. It includes output and insight generation, 35+ prebuilt apps, basic admin tools, and integration options.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): This option offers deep customization, API access, multiple team setup, advanced security, and support for larger companies that aim to integrate generative AI into their business processes comprehensively.

6. Content Detector AI

Content Detector AI is heralded as a versatile and robust tool for identifying AI-generated content, catering particularly well to bloggers, academics, and content creators. Offering a probability score to estimate the likelihood of AI involvement, this tool empowers its users with the insights to discern and decide on the human touch in their content. Its capability to detect content from popular AI models like ChatGPT 3.5 and GPT 4, coupled with an impressive accuracy rate of up to 85%, positions Content Detector AI as a reliable asset for maintaining content integrity.

Pros and Cons

High accuracy (up to 85%)Probability-based, not 100% accurate
Unlimited checks and word limit
Real-time comparison and extensive reporting
Easy to use with real source indication
Free to use with no limitations


  1. AI and ChatGPT Content Detection: Accurately identifies AI-generated content, offering a clear probability score for users.
  2. Extensive Reporting: Provides detailed, percentage-based reporting with indications of the real sources.
  3. Real-time Comparison: Allows for immediate analysis of content to detect AI involvement.
  4. Unlimited Checks and Word Limit: This feature supports extensive use without restrictions, making it ideal for checking lengthy documents or multiple pieces of content.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, enabling quick copy-paste actions for instant analysis.

Content Detector AI is a beacon for those navigating the murky waters of AI-generated content, offering clarity, reliability, and an unparalleled user experience. Its emphasis on accuracy and the convenience of unlimited usage make it a top contender among AI detection tools, especially valuable for ensuring the genuineness of academic essays, blog posts, and other written works.

7. Undetectable AI

Top 8 Originality AI Alternatives and Competitors - Must Try

Undetectable AI emerges as a state-of-the-art tool designed to discern and modify AI-generated content, ensuring it mirrors the nuances of human writing. Acclaimed by Forbes as the top AI Detector, it offers a seamless experience for users to analyze their content for AI footprints and subsequently ‘humanize’ it to bypass detection from leading AI detectors. This dual-function capability, comprising both detection and humanization, positions Undetectable AI as a pivotal resource for content creators aiming to maintain originality and evade the limitations imposed by AI detection algorithms.

Pros and Cons

Forbes-rated #1 AI DetectorMay require ethical considerations
Dual functionality: detection and humanizationSubscription required for full access
Comprehensive detection across major AI detectors
Free use with a generous word limit
Supports multiple languages


  1. AI Detection and Humanization: Identifies AI-generated content and transforms it into human-like text.
  2. Extensive Compatibility: Works against popular AI detectors like GPTZero, OpenAI, and Writer.
  3. Multilingual Support: Accommodates many languages, enhancing its utility globally.
  4. High-Quality Content Generation: This ensures that the output is not only undetectable but also high-quality and search engine friendly.
  5. Unlimited Checks: Provides users the freedom to test extensive content without restrictions.


  • Monthly Subscription: $14.99/month for 15,000 words, offering a comprehensive suite of features, including AI detection, a human auto typer, and unlimited AI detection.
  • Annual Subscription: $5.00/month (billed annually at $60) for 10,000 words per month, providing a cost-effective option with the same extensive features as the monthly plan.
  • Business Plans: Custom pricing for bulk credits and permanent words, tailored to fit organizational needs with priority support and non-expiring credits.

Undetectable AI is a groundbreaking solution for content creators navigating AI detection challenges. Blending advanced detection with the ability to humanize text offers a unique advantage for maintaining the authenticity and quality of content in a digital landscape increasingly dominated by AI.

8. Content at Scale AI Detector

The AI Detector and Humanizer emerged as a cutting-edge tool designed to distinguish between human and AI-generated content with remarkable precision. It’s especially adept at recognizing the subtle cues left by AI text generators like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini, providing users with an instant analysis of their content’s origins. With a reported accuracy of 98%, it stands as a powerful ally for anyone looking to ensure their content is perceived as authentically human, from search engine optimization to academic integrity.

Pros and Cons

High accuracy rate (98%)Premium version required for full access
Unlimited AI detection scansMay not discern between all AI and human nuances
Rewrites AI content to human-like qualitySubscription cost may be a barrier for some
Supports extensive character checks (up to 50k)
Personalization to unique user voice


  1. AI Detection: Identifies AI-generated content, including advanced models like GPT-4, Bard, and Claude.
  2. AI Humanizer: Rewrites AI-generated content to closely mimic human writing, ensuring it passes as human-created.
  3. Unlimited Scans: Allows extensive content checks with up to 50k characters per scan.
  4. Personalization: Generates content in the user’s unique voice, enhancing authenticity.
  5. Premium Editor: A built-in professional editor for fine-tuning generated or rewritten content.


At $49/month, this plan includes 25k undetectable AI words, unlimited AI detector scans, URL scans, and creating undetectable AI documents, alongside premium features like bulk rewrites and unlimited image AI detection.

This tool represents a significant advancement for digital content creators. It offers a dual function that detects AI-generated text and transforms it into human writing. Its impressive accuracy and comprehensive features provide a robust solution for ensuring the originality and human quality of content in a landscape increasingly dominated by AI-generated texts.

Top 3 Editor Picks for AI Content Detection

When navigating the plethora of AI content detection tools available, finding ones that provide accuracy and speed and cater to a broad spectrum of user needs is crucial. Here are the top 3 editor picks, with Phrasly AI Detector leading the charge for its unparalleled service.

1. Phrasly AI Detector

Phrasly AI Detector earns the top spot for its exceptional balance of features, making it the best choice for those seeking comprehensive AI content detection. Its standout features include:

  • Unlimited Checks: It is ideal for users with voluminous content, providing peace of mind that all material can be scrutinized without worrying about hitting limits.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensures ease of use for all, regardless of technical expertise, making AI content detection accessible to a broader audience.
  • Speed and Accuracy: It delivers rapid results without compromising precision, which is crucial for maintaining workflow efficiency and content integrity.
  • Flexible Pricing: Offers various subscription options, catering to different user needs and budgets, ensuring that high-quality detection is accessible to everyone.

2. Undetectable AI

Rounding out the top three, Undetectable AI is notable for its dual functionality. It can detect AI-generated content with a high accuracy rate of 98% and offers a sophisticated AI Humanizer feature. This tool is handy for users looking to refine AI-generated content to ensure it mirrors human writing as closely as possible.

3. Originality AI Alternative Free: Content Detector AI

A close second, Content Detector AI, shines for its ability to detect AI-generated content with up to 85% accuracy. Its free access and easy-to-use interface make it a valuable tool for bloggers, academics, and content creators who require reliable detection without financial commitment.