Does HIX Bypass Actually Work?

HIX Bypass is an undetectable AI writing tool that claims to humanize AI text, but does it truly work? Find out in this detailed HIX Bypass review.

HIX Bypass is one of the many undetectable AI writing platforms that have been released last year. It makes bold claims, saying it transforms AI-generated text into original, human content that AI scanners can’t detect.

But is it truly effective? Does it live up to its claims under scrutiny? This review of HIX Bypass will dive into those questions, providing all the information you need to know how to bypass AI detection.

What is HIX Bypass?

HIX Bypass claims to be an Undetectable AI writing tool, which aims to paraphrase your AI generated content into text that sounds human and bypasses AI detection. It also claims to have “Unrivaled AI Bypass Technology” that is trained by millions of human-written texts. It claims to bypass AI detectors such as TurnItIn, Originality & CopyLeaks (we’ll put that to the test!) for 50+ languages.

According to their website, HIX Bypass offers many plans, ranging from 14.99 USD to a hefty 100 USD a month, promising that with these plans, they bypass the most advanced AI detectors, including TurnItIn.

HIX Bypass Features

Key features of HIX Bypass Include:

  • Undetectable AI writing
  • 50+ Languages Supported
  • 100% Plagiarism-free Content
  • Build-in AI detector
  • ChatGPT Watermark Removal
  • Error-Free Outputs
  • No Distortion Humanization

Does HIX Bypass Beat AI Detectors?

The most important part of HIX Bypass is if it even bypasses AI detectors, because what’s the point of having these bold claims when it doesn’t actually work? So, we’ve asked ChatGPT to generate an essay, similar to something students would write to test if it really bypasses advanced AI detectors such as TurnItIn, Originality & Copyleaks.

We then took the text from ChatGPT and then put it into HIX Bypass to see if it can really bypass AI detectors such as TurnItIn, Originality & GPTZero. If HIX Bypass is truly an undetectable AI writer as it claims, it should have no issues bypassing these AI detectors.

GPT-3 Input & HIX Bypass “Humanized” Output

Now that we have our humanized AI text as they claim, let’s run it through commonly used AI detectors like TurnItIn, Originality & CopyLeaks.

HIX Bypass Vs TurnItIn

Text “humanized” by HIX Bypass on TurnItIn

Against TurnItIn, HIX Bypass text scored 76% AI-generated, which is quite worrisome, considering Hix.AI specifically targets students through several marketing channels. We understand that AI detection varies by text, and to confirm, we ran another text, “humanized” by Hix Bypass, on TurnItIn, too. It appears that Hix Bypass cannot bypass TurnItIn, or at least consistently, considering our results ranging from 20-76% AI. Such AI scores can get students penalized or even put on academic probation by their university, which is very concerning, considering HIX bypass claims to bypass TurnItIn on their website.

The second text “humanized” by HIX Bypass on TurnItIn

HIX Bypass Against Originality.AI

Text “humanized” by HIX Bypass on Originality.AI

Against Originality.AI, HIX Bypass again failed to bypass AI detection. With Originality.AI flagging the text as 100% AI, there’s no doubt this goes against the HIX Bypass claims of defeating AI detection.

HIX Bypass vs CopyLeaks

Text “humanized” by HIX Bypass on CopyLeaks

In our final test, HIX Bypass failed to bypass the Copyleaks AI detector, being marked as AI-written. This is also worrisome, as Copyleaks is a popular option used by educators to determine if students are using AI.

A Better Option – Phrasly.AI

As the results above show- the claims HIX bypass is making aren’t exactly true. HIX Bypass claims that it can bypass GPTZero, Originality.AI, TurnItIn, and Copyleaks, but all of our tests with these AI detectors have failed. Most importantly, it failed to beat well-known and established AI detectors that are commonly used by schools, causing concern among students.

This is where Phrasly.AI comes in. It is known to consistently bypass AI detectors such as TurnItIn, Originality.AI, and more, and as per our tests, it consistently beats HIX.AI when bypassing AI detection. Phrasly is one of the only AI humanizers on the market that rely on their custom learning language models to bypass AI detection, ensuring your text is unable to be watermarked or detected.

Phrasly.AI Features

Phrasly is constantly improving; as low as $10.99, you can get:

  • Consistent AI Detection Bypass
  • UNLIMITED AI Humanizations
  • Free 99.8% Accurate AI Detector
  • AI Content Generator
  • Real Citation Generator
  • SEO Optimization

Does Phrasly Actually Bypass AI Detectors?

It’s a bold claim to say Phrasly beats HIX Bypass when it comes to bypassing AI detection with no evidence, so let’s put Phrasly to the test. In this test, we will be using Phrasly’s medium mode on the same text, which is known to have a high output quality while still bypassing AI detection.

Phrasly.AI vs. TurnItIn

Phrasly.AI Humanized text on TurnItIn

In our first test, you can see that Phrasly.AI clearly does bypass TurnItIn’s AI detector. Compared to HIX Bypass, which got 76% AI, Phrasly has completely bypassed TurnItIn’s AI detector. This gives students confidence when humanizing text using Phrasly, as they do not have to worry about getting in trouble for using ChatGPT or any other AI tool.

Phrasly.AI vs. Copyleaks

Phrasly.AI’s humanized text on CopyLeaks

In our next test, you can clearly see that Phrasly outperforms HIX Bypass in terms of bypassing Copyleaks. Compared to HIX Bypass, whose text was “AI Generated, ” Phrasly’s humanized text is human. This is the best score you can possibly get on Copyleaks, which means it’s confident Phrasly’s texts read human.

Phrasly.AI against Originality.AI

Phrasly.AI Vs Originality

Finally, and as expected, Phrasly’s text has passed Originality.AI, being marked as 100% human. Considering that Originality.AI isn’t even this confident with actual human text, this proves that Phrasly.AI is superior in mimicking human-like writing, therefore bypassing AI detectors.

Phrasly and HIX Bypass Compared

The images provided clearly demonstrate that when comparing Phrasly to HIX Bypass, the former significantly outperforms the latter. Across all three detectors tested, Phrasly excelled, successfully evading detection every time and achieving almost perfect scores for its “Human-like” content generation. On the other hand, HIX Bypass failed to fool any of the detectors. The table below outlines the detailed outcomes:

AI DetectorPhrasly’s ResultsHIX Bypass Results
Originality.AI100% Human100% AI
TurnItIn100% Human27-76% AI
AI Scores

So, what’s our key takeaway here? If you’re in search of an AI writer that effortlessly evades detection, Phrasly.AI should undoubtedly be your first choice. It’s clear from the tests. Against leading AI detection systems like Copyleaks and Originality, HIX Bypass simply couldn’t measure up. Phrasly.AI, however, passed with flying colors every time.

And when it comes to value for money, Phrasly.AI stands out even more. Starting at just $10.99 a month for unlimited words, it’s far more accessible compared to the HIX Bypass starting plan of $14.99 a month for only 5000 words and up to $100 a month for unlimited words. So, if you’re watching your budget or just seeking the best deal out there, Phrasly.AI clearly offers a superior choice.


Is HIX Bypass worth it? Our tests don’t suggest that it is effective at bypassing AI detectors despite its claim of doing so. Given that HIX Bypass primarily seems to target students, this may raise serious academic implications, given that the text remains AI-detected, according to TurnItIn. However, on the other hand, Phrasly.AI excelled in bypassing the same text HIX Bypass couldn’t bypass. So in general, you’d be better off with Phrasly.AI in the end.