Aithor Review: Does It Really Bypass AI Detectors?

Aithor, a new AI writing tool, claims to create undetectable AI-generated content with live citations. In this review, we'll examine its features and test it against popular AI detectors to determine if it lives up to its promises.

Aithor is a relatively new AI writing tool that has entered the market, making bold claims about its capabilities. The platform asserts that it can generate undetectable AI-written content, complete with real, live citations, setting it apart from other AI writing tools.

However, the question remains: does Aithor truly live up to its promises? Can it effectively bypass AI detectors and deliver high-quality, human-like content? In this comprehensive Aithor review, we’ll delve into these questions, providing you with all the information you need to determine if Aithor is the right choice for your AI writing needs and if it can genuinely help you bypass AI detection.

What is Aithor? Landing Page

Aithor positions itself as an Undetectable AI writer who generates real citations and integrates them into the text. It claims to produce content that is 100% plagiarism-free and can fool AI detectors across all languages. Additionally, Aithor offers features like table of contents generation and editing, tone of voice selection, and early access to new capabilities.

Aithor Features & Pricing

Key Features of Aithor Include:

  • Undetectable AI writing
  • All languages supported
  • 100% Plagiarism-free Content
  • Live Citations
  • AI Essay Generator
  • Tone of voice selection
  • AI disguise

Aithor offers a monthly pricing plan at $24.99 per month, with no discounts available unless you choose to be billed in longer intervals. This subscription includes access to all of its features, including AI disguise and no queue times.

Does Aithor Bypass AI Detection?

The key question is whether Aithor’s generated content can truly evade detection by popular AI detectors as claimed. Given that Aithor is primarily created for students, it should be able to beat AI detection without a problem. To put this to the test, we used a prompt regarding “earth” to write an essay.

“Undetectable” AI text written by Aithor

Now that we have our undetectable AI text as they claim, let’s run it through commonly used AI detectors like TurnItInOriginality & GPTZero. If Aithor is truly an undetectable AI writing tool as mentioned on their websites, there should be no issues bypassing these AI detectors.

Aithor vs. TurnItIn

Aithor’s “Human” text flagged as AI by TurnItIn

Unfortunately, TurnItIn flagged the Aithor-generated text as 65% AI-written. This suggests that Aithor may not be effective at bypassing AI detectors such as TurnItIn. This may pose a risk to their users, given that the majority of their customers are students and they claim to be an “Undetectable AI” writing tool.

Aithor vs. Originality.AI

Text “humanized” by Aithor on Originality.AI

Similarly, Originality.AI identified the Aithor article as being generated by AI, indicating that it failed to produce human-like content in this case. Originality.AI is effective at detecting lengthy text, like in this example, so this is unlikely a false positive.

Aithor vs. GPTZero

“Undetectable” text by Aithor on GPTZero

Once again, GPTZero successfully detected the use of AI in the text created by Aithor, casting doubt on its ability to bypass this popular tool. GPTZero is one of the first AI detectors to come out since ChatGPTs release, so it is considered reliable given its vast amount of updates.

A Better Alternative: Phrasly.AI

As the results demonstrate, Aithor’s claims about its capabilities don’t hold up under scrutiny. Despite claiming that it can bypass AI detectors like GPTZero, Originality.AI, TurnItIn, and Copyleaks, Aithor failed to evade detection in all of our tests. This is particularly concerning given that Aithor seems to target students, and its inability to bypass well-known AI detectors commonly used by schools could lead to serious academic consequences.

Enter Phrasly.AI, a solution that consistently outperforms Aithor in bypassing AI detection. Our tests show that Phrasly.AI reliably evades detection by TurnItIn, Originality.AI, and other leading tools. Phrasly stands out as one of the few AI humanizers on the market that utilizes custom learning language models to ensure your text is undetectable and free from watermarks.

Phrasly also uses real citations fetched from the internet when generating content, ensuring your essay always uses the latest information. Furthermore, Phrasly crawls the web to gather data for in-text citations, making it a no-brainer when writing essays.

Phrasly.AI Features

Phrasly is always evolving, and for as little as $10.99, you get access to:

  • Consistent AI Detection Bypass
  • UNLIMITED AI Humanizations
  • Free 99.8% Accurate AI Detector
  • AI Content Generator
  • Real Citation Generator that crawls the web
  • SEO Optimization

Does Phrasly Really Evade AI Detectors?

Claiming that Phrasly surpasses Aithor in AI detection bypass without proof is a bold statement. So, let’s put Phrasly to the test using its own content generator, which uses real citation data from the internet. As you can see below, Phrasly references the citations gathered from the web inside the text, ensuring your sources are properly cited.

After humanizing our text, we used Phrasly’s built-in “AI bypass” feature to ensure the content is undetectable by AI detectors such as TurnItIn.

Phrasly.AI vs. TurnItIn

Phrasly’s humanized text on TurnItIn

This first test clearly shows Phrasly.AI bypassing TurnItIn’s AI detector. Unlike Aithor, which was flagged as 65% AI, Phrasly completely evaded detection. Students can use Phrasly to humanize text with confidence, without fear of repercussions for using AI tools like ChatGPT. Even better, Phrasly allows you to export your text and automatically format the document according to your chosen citation style.

Phrasly’s generated citations using the content generator

Phrasly also references the exact URLs it crawled in order to generate your essay, making it ready to submit your assignment with no further modifications.

Phrasly.AI vs. GPTZero

In our GPTZero test, Phrasly clearly beats Aithor in bypassing AI detection. While Aithor’s text was labeled “AI Generated,” Phrasly’s humanized text was deemed likely human. GPTZero is usually less confident with shorter texts like Phrasly’s example, so this was completely expected and is considered human text.

Phrasly.AI vs. Originality.AI

As anticipated, Phrasly’s text passed Originality.AI with a 100% human rating. Originality.AI is used as a benchmark by many SEO writing agencies, so it’s always great to see that Phrasly’s content generator remains undetectable for blog writers looking to speed up things.

Comparing Phrasly and Aithor

The provided images clearly illustrate Phrasly’s significant edge over Aithor. Phrasly consistently evaded detection across all three tested tools, achieving near-perfect scores for “Human-like” content. Conversely, Aithor failed to bypass any of the AI detectors used in our test. See the table below for a detailed breakdown:

AI DetectorPhrasly’s ResultsAithor’s Results
Originality.AI100% Human97% AI
TurnItIn100% Human65% AI
GPTZeroLikely Human100% AI
AI Scores

The key takeaway? If you need an AI writer that reliably evades detection, Phrasly.AI should be your top pick. Our tests make it clear: when tested against top AI detection systems like Copyleaks and Originality, Aithor was not effective at bypassing AI detectors, while Phrasly.AI passed with flying colors every single time.

Phrasly.AI also offers unbeatable value. At just $19.99 per month for unlimited words, it’s more affordable than Aithor’s $24.99 per month plan, especially when they are just an AI writing tool while Phrasly has several useful tools. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for the best value, Phrasly.AI is the superior choice.


Is Aithor a worth it? Based on our tests, it doesn’t effectively bypass AI detectors as claimed. Considering Aithor’s apparent focus on students, this could have grave academic consequences, since the text is flagged as AI-generated by tools like TurnItIn. In contrast, Phrasly.AI successfully bypassed the very same topics that Aithor was unable to bypass. All things considered, Phrasly.AI is the smarter choice.

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