Does Phrasly bypass TurnItIn?

Can Phrasly.AI truly make AI-generated content undetectable by TurnItIn? We put it to the test, processing a ChatGPT-generated essay through Phrasly.AI and running the "humanized" text through TurnItIn's AI detector.

In the rapidly evolving world of AI writing tools, Phrasly has emerged as a prominent player, boldly claiming to make AI-generated content undetectable by even the most advanced AI detectors like TurnItIn. As the use of AI assistance in writing becomes increasingly common, many are wondering: does Phrasly truly live up to its promises? Can it actually help content pass through TurnItIn’s rigorous AI detection algorithms?

Testing Phrasly’s AI-Bypassing Capabilities

To put Phrasly’s claims to the test, we decided to conduct a thorough experiment. Our goal was to determine if Phrasly could genuinely transform AI-written text into content that would be indistinguishable from human writing in the eyes of TurnItIn. Given TurnItIn’s sophisticated AI detection capabilities, if Phrasly can successfully bypass it, that would be an effective indicator to the tool’s effectiveness.

Generating Sample Text with ChatGPT

For our test, we started by generating a sample text using ChatGPT, a highly capable AI language model known for producing human-like writing on a wide range of topics. However, ChatGPT’s content is often easily identifiable as AI-generated by detectors like TurnItIn. Here’s the sample text we generated: 

ChatGPT Generated Text

While the writing is coherent and grammatically sound, it has a certain “AI-generated” quality to it. The sentences are a bit generic and lack the depth and nuance you might expect from a human writer.

Humanizing the Text with Phrasly

Now, let’s see what happens when we run this exact text through Phrasly’s humanizing process.

Phrasly.AI’s Humanizer

As you can see, Phrasly has made notable changes to the wording and sentence structures. The revised text reads more naturally, with added details and context that give it a more authentic, human-like feel.

Phrasly.AI vs. TurnItIn

With our humanized text from Phrasly.AI ready, it’s time to put it to the ultimate test by running it through TurnItIn’s AI detector. If Phrasly.AI is as effective as it claims, the text should pass through TurnItIn without raising any red flags.

Phrasly bypassing TurnItIn’s AI Detector

As the image above clearly shows, Phrasly.AI has successfully bypassed TurnItIn’s AI detector. The “humanized” text generated by Phrasly is recognized as 100% human-written, giving students the confidence to use the tool without worrying about potential academic penalties.

Implications for Writers and Content Creators

So, what implications does this have for writers and content creators? Based on our experiment, it appears that Phrasly is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to making AI-generated text undetectable. It successfully fooled TurnItIn, which is widely regarded as one of the most advanced and reliable AI writing detectors available. This opens up exciting possibilities for anyone looking to use the power of AI writing assistance without the risk of being flagged or penalized. With Phrasly, you can generate initial drafts using tools like ChatGPT, then process them through Phrasly’s humanizing algorithm to create content that reads as if it were written by a human. It’s a potential game-changer for writers, students, marketers, and anyone else who needs to produce substantial amounts of original content efficiently.

Why Choose Phrasly.AI?

Phrasly.AI stands out from other AI writing tools due to its consistent ability to bypass AI detectors like TurnItIn. Some of its key features include:

  • Reliable AI detection bypass
  • Unlimited AI humanizations
  • Free, highly accurate built-in AI detector
  • AI content generator
  • Real citation generator
  • SEO optimization

Moreover, Phrasly.AI offers excellent value for money, with plans starting at just $10.99 per month for unlimited words. This makes it an accessible and cost-effective solution for students and writers alike.


Based on our tests, it’s clear that Phrasly.AI delivers on its promise to bypass AI detectors like TurnItIn given that it was marked as 0% AI-Written. By effectively “humanizing” AI-generated text, Phrasly ensures that your content reads as if it were written by a human, thus avoiding potential issues with plagiarism checkers. If you’re looking for a reliable AI writing tool that can help you evade detection, Phrasly.AI is definitely worth considering.